Impartiality Statement

    In order to ensure the objectivity, impartiality and independence of all testing activities of the company, all employees of the company issued the following impartiality statement to the community:    (1) to comply with national laws, regulations, statutory regulatory bodies and accreditation bodies to carry out impartial testing services to all sectors of society, to fulfill legal obligations and assume legal responsibility;    (2) Adhering to the principles of objectivity, impartiality and independence to ensure that testing activities are not influenced by any party; treating all customers equally and providing the same quality of service;    (3) To safeguard the rights of clients and protect their ownership and patent rights from infringement;    (4) Not to accept sponsorship or representation that is contrary to the fairness of testing, and not to intervene in market competition and conflicts of interest among clients;    (5) Not to be subject to any improper commercial, financial and other pressures and influences from internal or external sources;    (6) Not to participate in any activities that affect independent judgment and testing impartiality; not to participate in the design, development, production, supply, installation, use or maintenance activities related to the testing program.    The above statement shows the impartial position of all employees of the company, strictly abide by, and welcome the community to give supervision and correction of our behavior, hereby.
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